Steel Target Strap Kit




Rogue Shooting Targets LLC has the kits you need for hanging your AR500 steel targets. Steel targets can be hung various ways, chains, cables, hooks, steel target holders, or steel target stands. You name it, it has probably been done, some work and some work well.

Steel Target Chain Kits

Chains are probably the most popular way to hang steel targets, it is easy and allows for good sound feed back. The problem is that it never fails when you have your targets all set and start shooting, someone shoots a chain and now it is time to repair or replace it and start again. Chain will allow the target to swing very easily, sometimes, depending on cartridge being used and where steel target is hit, it flops around and has to settle down for follow up shots. Chains should be attached to the back side of steel target allowing the target to slightly tip forward at the top. Rogue Shooting Targets LLC uses USA made 4/0 long link steel chain that has a 670 lb. working load.


Steel Target Strap Kits

Rogue Shooting Targets LLC has what we believe is one of the best ways to hang your steel targets, it is our strap kits. They are made from heavy duty 3-ply material with a friction fighting backing. Our strap kits are 1-1/2″ wide x 14″ long and have three holes to fit 3/8″ bolts. If used with a cross-bar as in a gong stand, you can bolt the center hole and one end hole creating a loop with the anti friction backing contacting the cross-bar allowing it to swing, then using the other end hole, bolt it to the back of the steel target. If you are using our T-post hangers or another similar method, use one end hole for the hanger and other end hole is bolted to the back of the target. The straps are 1-1/2″ wide but do not think they are not strong. Each strap is engineered to hold 195 lbs, small enough to stay out of the way of stray bullets, and can take quite a few hits if needed and still hold a steel target. As with chain, straps should be attached to back of steel target allowing target to tip forward. Bolts holding the strap to the target should not be overtightened allowing strap to slightly move, which will allow for better sound quality from your steel target.


Rogue Shooting Targets LLC supplies quality Laser cut AR500 steel targets and related products to law enforcement, military groups and recreational shooters world wide. Stock items ship free in the Continental USA. Thank you for your support.




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Steel Target Sound Quality

Steel Target Sound Quality

The value of audible and visual feedback have made AR500 steel targets a popular choice among shooters. The resounding ping heard after the target is hit serves as a coaching guide to the shooter, letting them know that they successfully hit the target. This can be an invaluable tool especially when shooting at long distances. The farther away from the steel target the louder the ping should resonate. When selecting a steel target there are three contributing factors that determine the quality of sound when hit: thickness, size and mount.


AR500 steel is extremely durable and made to withstand high impact, so when selecting a steel target choose a thickness specific to you needs. The thinner the plate the louder the ping.

  • 3/8″ Steel Gong Targets are specifically designed to handle magnum handguns and rifles. This thickness is durable enough to receive high volume impact; great for clubs or competitive handgunners.
  • 1/2″ Steel Gong Targets are created to withstand all calibers up to .388 magnum at a distance of 100 yds. Strong enough to handle daily rifle use.


Generally speaking, the larger the plate the louder the sound. Typically anything over 10″ is going to be significantly louder that the smaller targets. Larger targets are used for long-range applications, providing not only larger surface area but also a loud ring when hit.

Steel Target Holders

Hanging mounts are preferred when it comes to the quality of sound as well as durability of targets. There are limitless ways to hang targets. Chain kits are one of the more common choices for hanging as it allows the target to move freely; however, links are easily damaged resulting in many repairs. Another method gaining in popularity is the use of old fire hose or strap kits. It is sometimes preferred as it provides more stability to the target, with less need of repairs; however, the sound is absorbed somewhat by the use of these materials.

Regardless of which target you choose, remember to always use hearing protection. Noise cancelling ear muffs not only muffle the sound of the shot but will allow you to hear the desired ping.

At Rogue Shooting Targets, we provide the superior steel targets that hunters, gun enthusiasts, and tactical trainees & trainers, value and trust. Laser cut in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, we offer free shipping to anywhere in the Continental US for all of our products.

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Safety & Steel Targets


Steel Targets

Over the past few years, steel targets have increased in popularity. Unlike paper targets, steel targets can be set-up and will remain so for the duration of practice. The sound the bullet makes when it hits alerts shooters when they are on point. Not mention the satisfying “Ting!” the bullet makes on impact.
Before you head off to shoot, there are a few safety precautions one must take. Among them are choosing the right type of steel and firearm to use.

Practicing Steel Target Safety

Use the Right Steel

AR500 is the go to steel targets for shooters. Why? For starters,  the hardness of the steel is what is recommended to use with the majority of rifle rounds. A softer target steel will lead to pitting that causes unpredictable ricochets overtime. This is one reason why you do not want to use any piece of steel you can find for target practice. While AR500 targets are not indestructible, if used for pistol only will probably outlast your pistol and as for rifles if you follow our guidelines will last a long time.

Angle the Target

As stated above, a high-quality steel target can outlast your favorite handgun. Angled targets are generally used at closer distances for handgun use. An angled target will help deflect the bullets energy away from a target and will help in directing the bullet splatter downward. We offer angled holders for our AR500 steel targets in both 10 and 20 degrees.

When using AR500 steel targets, ricochets are not common but that does not mean they cannot occur. Which is why it is good practice to follow our steel target directions and always remember to wear protective equipment when shooting.

Use the Right Gun

Only use handguns, rifles, and shotguns on a steel targets. Never use; pellet, BB’s, and air guns of any kind. Using these guns can lead to unfavorable results.

Use the Correct Ammo

Only use standard lead ammunition. Avoid green-tip or bi-meal bullets because they will deform the target and cause ricochets.

AR500 Steel Targets

For your high-quality steel targets, look to Rogue Shooting Target for your steel target needs. Following the proper safety procedure, our targets will last for years.

We offer a variety of stands, holders, and plates so that you will find the perfect fit for your shooting needs. For additional information about our targets, please visit our site today.

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The Benefits of Shooting Sports

shooting rifle

Reasons to Join Shooting Sports

Novice and veteran shooters are both privy to the many benefits of shooting sports but may not be aware of all of them. Here is a breakdown of why you should pick up a rifle, or continue to do so.

  1. It is Simply Fun

There is not much to be said about shooting sports other than they are extremely fun to participate in. Whether you are hunting or shooting at a steel target, the act of shooting is exhilarating.

  1. A Safe Sport

While many view guns and rifles as dangerous, shooting sports are actually a lot safer than other sports and a lot of everyday activities. Those who handle their instruments the right way will not be subjected to harm.

  1. A Solitary and Group Sport

There are times in everyone’s lives when they just need a moment alone to regroup. There are also some individuals who like or prefer to do things on their own. Shooting sports are perfect for those individuals as they can enjoy the solitude and set their own pace.

For those who would rather be surrounded by a group can also enjoy shooting with their friends. What can be better than sharing this experience with the people you like to be around?

In fact, shooters can make it a family affair. The beginning levels are easy and affordable and is not subjected to gender. Which means mom, dad, son, and daughter can participate. By participating in an activity, you will soon see your family growing closer.

  1. Teaches Discipline

Shooting sports teach physical and mental discipline. Over time, you will notice that your strength, stamina, and hand-eye coordination have vastly improved.

Many do not realize how much mental capabilities it takes to shoot a gun. Nearly 90% of the sport takes extreme mental concentration. Due to this, your concentration levels are sharpened.

  1. Friendly Environment

You will find that the shooting sports environment is filled with many friendly individuals. They are all willing to lend their expertise to their fellow participants. So do not be surprised to find that you are walking away with many new friends.

Steel Targets

At Rogue Shooting Targets LLC we supply the high-quality steel targets you need to reap all of the benefits offered by shooting. Please visit our site to learn more about our targets.

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Attracting Shooter to Your Gun Range

rifle gun

Beat the Slump

Every business experiences times that are much slower than others. This is due to things such as the time of year and weather. Owners of a gun range will see a dip in visitors during the fall and winter season as the cold weather will keep shooters inside. How do you combat the weather? There are several tactics you can take from seasonal promotions to adding new elements to your range.

Enticing Shooters to the Range

Seasonal promotions are a wonderful way to get people in the door. Offer a special deal, such as a Christmas only deal during the month of December or a two for one in February to attract couples for Valentine’s Day. Offer group deals as well as it will be a draw for a group of shooters. Promotions make it more enticing to people when they feel they are getting a better deal for their money.
Holding a First Shot Seminar at your range will also attract new participants to your range and create returning customers. Members of the National Shooting Sports Foundation qualify for a $3,000 cooperative advertising when they host a First Shot Seminar.
Alternatively, you can attract experienced shooters by hosting more advanced competitions such as a 3 Gun Competition. You do not have to stick to one form of competition either. You can hold individual competitions for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, each with their own criteria for shooting. As with the First Shooter Seminar, look into available sponsorships.
Another reason you may have seen a decline in customers has to do with the state of your range. Many gun ranges are either in or outdoors and let their equipment become old. A simple renovation with new targets and a paint job can do wonders for your business. If you have an indoor range, consider an outdoor one as it could draw in a crowd when the weather is nice. Do not forget to have an assortment of guns and rifles for customers to rent.

Steel Shooting Targets

If you are looking to replace your outdoor targets or expand to the outdoors, invest in nothing but the best with steel shooting targets. At Rogue Shooting Targets, we ensure ours are high-quality so your range maintains its spectacular reputation for excellence. For additional information about our products, visit our site.

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The Best Shooting Position

shooter position

Basic Shooting Positions

Learning how to shoot is only one aspect a shooter must perfect in order to be a great marksman. There are also four basic shooting positions that are vital to shooting. Prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing are the four positions needed for any rifle shooter who is out in the field or hunting. Here is a guide to help your perfect your position no matter which one you choose.

How to Perfect the Position

The Prone Position is when a shooter lays flat on their stomach while the rifle is pointed toward the target. It is the ideal position for shots that require a steady hand and also offers comfort. If you have the time to get into this position, it works well when firing long distance shots. It can be difficult to assume when an animal is there in front of you. It is best to avoid when hunting in tall grass or an area with thick brush.
The Sitting Position is another position that is easy and stable along with providing an accurate shot. Simply sit down on your behind with your legs crossed or knees up. If hunting in tall or dense brush, this position allows you to see over it to get your shot. Again, it is better if you have time to get into this position but do not have the space to lay down.
The Kneeling Position is great for when you need to get the shot done quickly and provides better accuracy than standing. It requires practice as you are not as steady as you are when in the prone or sitting position. Go down on one knee, with the other up and pointed towards the target and use shooting sticks to steady and aim the rifle.
The Standing Position is the least accurate and stable position of all. It is not the ideal position to shoot from but is necessary when your target is in front you and aware that you are there. To ensure you get the shot, stand with your feet apart, keep your head upright and raise the rifle up to your shoulder, aim, and shoot.

Steel Targets

Remember, practice makes perfect. To practice your shot, look to Rogue Shooting Targets. We sell high-quality steel targets so that you can practice shooting positions. For more information, peruse our site.

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Building Your Own Shooting Range

range pic

A Shooting Range in Your Own Property

Work, spending time with the family, and taking care of other important aspects of daily life take up a large portion of your day. Time for hobbies can be harder and harder to squeeze in. For gun enthusiast, this lack of practice can show itself clearly when you are out on a hunting trip. Rather than let your skills go rusty, consider establishing a shooting range on your property. Here are a few tips to aid you in establishing one.

Setting Up an At-Home Shooting Range

One reason shooters find it so hard to make it out to the range is because of the time it takes to get there and back. Which is why it makes sense to set up a range on your property, it is so easy to grab your gear and fire a few shots after you’re done helping the kids with homework. Setting up a decent range will not cost you all that much.
First, establish if you have enough land where shooting is acceptable and legal. Safety should always be your number one concern, especially when it comes to shooting on your own land. Set rules for your family about approaching your shooting range and let them know when you will be heading out to your range. Once all of the legalities and specs are settled, you will need to invest in equipment.
All you need are a shooting bench, shooting rest, a target stand, and targets. These can be made or purchased. A picnic table can be used as a bench and a few sandbags for your rest. As stated before, you do not want to skimp when it comes to safety. Double-check that your target stands and targets are of the best quality and have a proper backstop. Do not forget ear and eye protection.

Long Range Steel Targets

The benefits of having an at-home shooting range are endless. Not only will it be easy to stay in practice but you can also make it a family activity. Ultimately, you will save yourself money and even more time when you no longer have to rely on a public range.

Get started with your range by ordering your target stand and steel targets at Rogue Shooting Targets LLC. We provide only the best steel targets to ensure precision practice, peruse our selection online.

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