Steel Target Strap Kit




Rogue Shooting Targets LLC has the kits you need for hanging your AR500 steel targets. Steel targets can be hung various ways, chains, cables, hooks, steel target holders, or steel target stands. You name it, it has probably been done, some work and some work well.

Steel Target Chain Kits

Chains are probably the most popular way to hang steel targets, it is easy and allows for good sound feed back. The problem is that it never fails when you have your targets all set and start shooting, someone shoots a chain and now it is time to repair or replace it and start again. Chain will allow the target to swing very easily, sometimes, depending on cartridge being used and where steel target is hit, it flops around and has to settle down for follow up shots. Chains should be attached to the back side of steel target allowing the target to slightly tip forward at the top. Rogue Shooting Targets LLC uses USA made 4/0 long link steel chain that has a 670 lb. working load.


Steel Target Strap Kits

Rogue Shooting Targets LLC has what we believe is one of the best ways to hang your steel targets, it is our strap kits. They are made from heavy duty 3-ply material with a friction fighting backing. Our strap kits are 1-1/2″ wide x 14″ long and have three holes to fit 3/8″ bolts. If used with a cross-bar as in a gong stand, you can bolt the center hole and one end hole creating a loop with the anti friction backing contacting the cross-bar allowing it to swing, then using the other end hole, bolt it to the back of the steel target. If you are using our T-post hangers or another similar method, use one end hole for the hanger and other end hole is bolted to the back of the target. The straps are 1-1/2″ wide but do not think they are not strong. Each strap is engineered to hold 195 lbs, small enough to stay out of the way of stray bullets, and can take quite a few hits if needed and still hold a steel target. As with chain, straps should be attached to back of steel target allowing target to tip forward. Bolts holding the strap to the target should not be overtightened allowing strap to slightly move, which will allow for better sound quality from your steel target.


Rogue Shooting Targets LLC supplies quality Laser cut AR500 steel targets and related products to law enforcement, military groups and recreational shooters world wide. Stock items ship free in the Continental USA. Thank you for your support.




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